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Fraser Valley Astronomical Society

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy for Kids

Vancouver Centre Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

NASA Planetary PhotoJournal

Canadian Space Agency

ElleJet - Jets Observing The Skys

European Space Agency

ESA Multimedia Gallery

NASA Space Place for Kids

BBC Sky Maps

H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver

UBC Observatory



Langara College Biology Department

Cells Alive

Science News for Kids

Kids Earth Science Enterprise

Dalhousie University Cellular Microscopy

UBC BioImaging


Reading - Books

Jeremy Narby - The Cosmic Serpent

(DNA and the Origins of Knowledge)

Bruce H. Lipton, Uncovering the Biology of Belief
(Thinking beyond your genes):

Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water
(How water is affected by human thought):

Paul P. Pearsall The Heart's Code, (Cellular Memories)


Online Newsletters

Astronomy Magazine

Science Daily

Science News Online

Science Daily

BBC Science/Nature News

New York Times, Science



Discovery Channel

Dragonfly TV

PBS: Nova